Master’s Program

Master’s Program

The Master’s Program is divided into two groups: Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Master’s students are expected to complete their course of study in one-to-four academic years.

Course regulations for Master’s Program

I.       In order to qualify for graduation, master’s students are expected to earn at least 24 credit hours during their course of study.

II.    Course Requirements are as follows.

(A)     Basic courses include <Real Analysis>, <Algebra>, <Differential Geometry>, <Differential Equations>, <Theory of Statistical Inference or Probability Theory> <Graph Theory> and <Numerical Analysis>. These are all one-year courses. In principle, the basic courses are offered at least once every two years, <Real Analysis> and <Algebra> should be offered every year.

(B)      Advanced courses include <Functional Analysis>, <Algebraic Geometry or Representation Theory or Number Theory>, <Algebraic Topology>, <Partial Differential Equations>, <Discrete Math>, <Theory of Stochastic Processes> and <Finite Element Methods>.

(C)      Core courses for Applied Mathematics in 5 categories:

Differential Equations: <Differential Equations I> <Differential Equations II>

Numerical Analysis: <Numerical Analysis I> <Numerical Analysis II>

Discrete Math: <Graph Theory I> <Graph Theory II>

Probability and Statistics: <Theory of Statistical Inference I> <Theory of Statistical Inference II> <Probability Theory I> <Probability Theory II>

Programming: < Computer Programming and Application>

III.  Master’s students admitted into Pure Mathematics must complete at least 15 credits in Basic and Advanced courses. Among these credits, there must be at least 12 credits from Basic courses, and they must include at least one one-year course. Also, students must take either <Real Analysis> or <Algebra> for at least one semester, with a passing grade.

IV. Master’s students admitted into Applied Mathematics must complete at least 15 credits which course numbers start with MA5, MA6, MA7 or MA8. Seminar courses are not included in these 15 credits. Among these credits, there must be at least 9 credits from two categories of core courses for Applied Mathematics.

V.    Master’s students admitted into Applied Mathematics who want to take courses which course numbers are not start with MA must obtain the consent of their thesis advisors