About Us

About Us
數學系館 鴻經館

About us

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1969, offering Bachelor’s degree. The master program was established in 1974, and the Ph.D. program in 1987.

To enhance the teaching, research, and academic innovation of applied mathematics, we have recruited students for the division of mathematical sciences and the division of scientific computing and data sciences since the 2019 academic year. This strategy is also the revolution of education among every Math Departments in Taiwan.

Division of Mathematical Sciences

This division continues the spirit of the department's founding, providing students with rigorous mathematical training, cultivating the skills of logical reasoning, analysis and thinking, and mastering the fundamental theories and methods of mathematical sciences. In addition to the eight major mathematical sub-fields of analysis, algebra, geometry, differential equations, probability, statistics, discrete mathematics, and scientific computing, students can also deepen and apply mathematical knowledge by taking thematic application courses offered by the other division.

Division of Scientific Computing and Data Sciences

This division focuses on four areas that can deepen the application of mathematics: scientific computing, image processing, data science, and financial mathematics. Mathematics majors have mathematical logic reasoning, analytical training, and computation and coding skills; thus are very suitable for work in emerging fields such as data analytics, computing science, and financial technology. They can play an essential role in the development of the industries mentioned above.

Math Department Building

Hong-Jing Building
Our department building is located in the west side of the NCU. It is a seven-floor building closing to the Lake C.U. which is famous for its beautiful view. In front of the office building, there is a square where we usually hold activities for our students and faculties. The brief description of the function to the Hong-Jing Building is as follows:
1st Floor: Computer labs, Office of Student Association, and General classrooms
2nd Floor: Library of Mathematic Department, Professors' reserved computer labs, and Professors' offices
3rd Floor: Department office, Conference rooms, Professors' offices, and Teaching assistants' office
4th Floor: Postgraduates' reserved computer labs, Professors' offices, Postgraduates' reserved classrooms